This course is suitable for students, Surface Designer professionals, people working in the fashion and textiles sector. It will equip you with something extra for a professional career in the creative practice by teaching you new techniques, client sourcing and relationship in Surface Design.
João da Silva
This workshop’s goal is to deepen one’s knowledge about surface design in a theoretical and practical way, maximizing your creative potential.
This will be taught by the experienced designer: Clau Cicala.
The workshop is divided in 2 days, techniques and results will be shown by the teacher.

Copic Markers will be provided on the day for the creative techniques workshop (to be used only in the classroom).

The idea is to simulate a work day in the field of surface design, encouraging all participants to interact with each other by creating a repeated pattern following a briefing given by the Designer. Furthermore, she will be sharing her knowledge about client sourcing. 

Venue: Cassart Islington 66-67 colebrooke row,
London N1 8AB


Day 1 

- How to Create a pattern repeat, textile motifs and design elements // Client sourcing and Briefing

- Clau will be showcasing the designs she made for various brands and analysing the results 

- Mix of pattern repeat techniques // Copic Markers

- Presentation of briefings and analyzing the theme and language aesthetic

- Creating a moodboard // practical activity

Day 2 

- Creating design elements by hand // practical activity

- Coloring all motif and elements that were designed // practical activity

- Scanning elements to computer // practical activity 

- Transforming motifs into a Repeat // practical activity

- Presentation of all the work


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“I would like to say thank you for this amazing and sensational opportunity. I was very impressed with all that I have learnt in the past three days. I hope one day I can be like you and reach your level of talent.”

Fernanda Quadros da Costa – UERJ - Student

“The workshop was great, it helped me reach another level at work, loved everything about it”

Ana Paula Soretto – AMC Textil Designer – Colcci

“Clau, you are incredible at what you do! Well done!”

Alexandra Liberman – Renner - Designer

“Clau! Well done for the amazing work that you do and for the amazing person that you are, lovely and so friendly!”

Danielli Gomes Prazeres – AMC Textil Designer – Colcci

“Loved your workshop, it was worth all the 8 hours I spent on a plane to get there. Please come to the Northeast of Brazil next time! It was amazing to meet you”

Lilian de Almeida Souza – Student

“Loved it, it sparked my curiosity and made me want to learn more about the subject”

Leticia A. Martins – Surface print Designer

João da Silva
CLAU CICALA'S PROFILE Since 2010, the Brazilian Surface designer Clau Cicala runs her creative studio. which is known for her colorful designs, full of personality, made with markers, for well-known lifestyle brands.
Born in Sao Paulo, she graduated in Advertising, Marketing and coaching. However, it was during her post-graduation in Surface Design that she discovered her passion for Surface Design.
During the time she lived in Rio de Janeiro (9 years), she managed to make a name for herself by creating designs for notorious brands such as FARM, Blue Man, C & A, Karsten and Grendha.
Focusing on special projects and licensing deals, the designer has already signed collections for Sandalias Ipanema, Francesca Romana Diana, Mercedez Benz Brasil, Cicero Papelaria, Gaoli, Perky shoes, Glambox and Moleskine.
The prints created for an exclusive line for Sandalias Ipanema, launched in December 2016, are now being sold in other countries after becoming a hit in sales. Clau Cicala also shares all her knowledge by teaching Surface Design workshops in the main cities of Brazil, in important venues such as the Rio Moda Institute, Sebrae and Senac. Empowering and positively influencing thousands of young professionals working in the creative field. She believes that every designer is able to develop skills beyond the creative scope and achieve their professional goals in a solid and promising way.
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